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Training professors
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IBCT certifying Mirahan-Farag as a training and HRD expert

Training University Leaders and Professors

Education changes people's lives!

Training is the best form of education because it is the most nonobligatory system for learning. So, you go to training because you want to learn rather than you have to!


That's why it is my happiest time! I love training and all other issues related to training design, delivery, evaluation, and management. I love it the most! I never get tired of it as I always feel that people are coming to training willingly to change their lives. 

I am honored to participate as a co-trainer in more than 20 rounds of developing university leaders and professors. I also trained leaders and managers of some large industrial companies in Egypt, such as El-Saad Group for Food Industries and Sphinx for Glass (see my clients).

It is the best time ever when you see how your efforts impact people's lives! When someones' career is enhanced after training, and when someone comes back to you to tell you, "I am very grateful to you, your course changed my life," this is the time when you forget all the difficult time you passed through to deliver such a development program in the best way possible.

I dream of making the training setting is the one for all forms of education!

Education Books Bookshelfs
A thank you from the IBCT

Designing, Developing and Evaluating Training Programs

Education changes people's lives!

As a training and human resources development expert, I designed and developed many training programs and training toolkits. Moreover, I am highly specialized in training needs analysis and assessment as well as training evaluation.

I am very interested in using technology to develop learning and making it more engaging. With the Coronavirus crisis, the need for digital learning has increased dramatically as it has become an unavoidable necessity. Many years earlier, I have been working on E-Learning as a promising future for adults education.

Designing and developing training programs is very similar to doing the same with educational programs. By 'educational' I mean courses that are part of a larger degree program that is developed under a certain educational organization. The only difference is that developing training programs is by far more flexible than developing educational courses or programs due to the great institutional restrictions on the latter. That's why I love training! It is much more flexible to retailor a training program to match the audience's needs and expectations than to do with an educational one.

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